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How to Use BDO Online Banking to Pay Your Credit Card Bills

How to Use BDO Online Banking to Pay Your Credit Card Bills
"""Everyone is aware of the significance of timely payment of credit card bills. You can keep your credit rating in good standing and avoid costly interest fees by paying your credit card bills on time. You can pay your BDO credit card bills using your online or mobile banking account, so if you have a BDO credit card, you don't have to go out of your way to pay them. ,'_com-box-3','ezslot_4',183,,_('div-gpt-ad-_com-box-3-0');
It is your responsibility as a responsible credit card holder to make sure you pay your bills correctly and on time. If you don't pay your credit card bills on time, it could hurt your credit score, which could make it harder for you to get credit in the future. Your ability to pay off your debt may be affected by the interest that banks charge on your credit card balance.
The BDO mobile app is one convenient way to pay your credit card bills. Although the mobile app is more convenient because it is already installed on your phone, you can still use the BDO online banking website. To log in to your BDO online banking account, you do not need to turn on your laptop or computer. Using a few taps on your smartphone, you can accomplish this. The BDO mobile app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play. ,'_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',191,,_('div-gpt-ad-_com-medrectangle-3-0');
How to Enroll BDO as a Biller Before using online or mobile banking to pay your BDO credit card bills, you must first enroll BDO as a biller. You won't need to re-enroll BDO as a biller because this is a one-time process; instead, you can start paying your bills right away.
Tap the ""MORE"" tab at the bottom of the BDO mobile app. ""Enrollment Services"" should be chosen.

Select ""Enroll Business/Biller.""
Please fill in the necessary information as follows:
Select ""BDO Credit Card Peso Payment to Peso Card"" for the company or the biller. Product Type: Select the type of credit card you use (such as MasterCard or Visa). Payment Channels: ""Online/Mobile Banking"" is the default option. If you want to pay using an ATM, SMS, or phone banking, you can enable those options. Enter your BDO credit card number in the Subscriber Number field. Subscriber Name: This is your credit card's name. Preferred Nickname: Type in the nickname you want this enrolled biller to go by.

Tap ""CONTINUE"" when you are finished.
Check the details and make sure the subscriber number and name are entered correctly. Click ""CONTINUE."" [300,250], ""_com-medrectangle-4,"" ""ezslot_6,"" and ""192,"" respectively;

You are now able to begin making payments on your BDO credit card balances through BDO online and mobile banking after successfully enrolling BDO as a biller.
How to Use BDO Mobile Banking to Pay Your BDO Credit Card Bill Now is the time to use the BDO mobile app's bills payment feature to pay your BDO credit card bill.
At the bottom, tap the ""PAY BILLS"" tab. This will bring you to the screen for paying your bills. Under ""Pay Bills Using Deposit Account,"" select ""Pay Bills.""

Please enter or provide the following data:
Pay From: Pick the BDO account that will receive the payment. Choose ""BDO Credit Card Peso Payment to Peso Card"" to pay this business or bill. ""Payment Schedule"": ""Immediate"" is the default, but you can change it to a later date or set up a regular payment schedule. Amount: Type in the sum you wish to pay. Observations: This is optional.
When you are finished, press ""CONTINUE.""

Tap ""CONTINUE"" after reviewing your payment information and confirming that everything is correct. ('div-gpt-ad-_com-box-4-0');
Your BDO credit card bill has now been paid in full. BDO will send you an email confirming the transaction of paying your bills. Don't delete the email because it contains information about the payment of your bills, like the transaction reference number.

You will need to add your credit card to BDO online banking in order to find out if your payment has been credited to your BDO credit card account. You will be able to access information about your BDO credit card, including the current balance, available credit limit, statement of account, and other details.
Be patient and allow enough time for your payment to appear in your credit card account, as my experience indicates that it will take approximately three days. You can contact BDO customer service at 1800-10-631-8000 or send an email to callcenter@bdo.com.ph if your payment has not yet appeared in your account after a week.
You no longer need to visit the bank to pay your BDO credit card bills because you know how to do so through BDO online banking. You can do it from the comfort of your own home by simply going online with your smartphone. 300,250],'_com-banner-1',);
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