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EXCELLENT SERVICES is what we can offer to our customers. BE ONE OF OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS.
RAY SERVICES is famous for its fast replacement caused other agencies don’t mind if their customers are asking for replacement. But in RAY SERVICES, replacement or new contract we treat them the same and we even priorities the replacement. Most of our clients know each other because we have word of mouth from our previous customers. We give them a good service that is why they recommend us with their co-workers, relatives, friends, family etc.

It is the only agency in Cebu City that gives replacements in less than 2 weeks or even sometimes that day that you call for replacement. Other agencies give replacement after 1 month or 2 months but with RAY SERVICES we understand the burden that you will feel if you’re not satisfied with your worker. Our maids, babysitter or cook have bio-data, barangay clearance, police clearance (NBI), character references, pictures and finger print. To assure the safety of our customers we don’t recommend the applicants if they don’t have original of all the needed requirements..

We are also proud to say that our cash out is the cheapest. And almost all are applicants stay with their employers for 1 year and even some stay for 3 years in their employer it is because we encourage them to continue with their employers.

Our fees are the following:

RAY SERVICES staffs are friendly, decent, approachable, kind, professionals and most of all helpful. We understand the difficulties that the employer will encounter when they don’t have applicant at home to take care of their babies or do the household chores. That is why we always try are best to replace so fast. The employer is entitled for three (3) times replacement for any reasons. And if in case the applicant asked for the replacement they will inform the employer first then wait for their replacement. We are proud to say that we are the only agency in Cebu that give replacement so fast in less than 2 weeks you have replacement guarantee.
Interview will be held in our office. Once you who hired the applicant we will give you copy of the contract and the Xerox copy of the applicant paper. Call us and be one of our happy customers..

RAY SERVICES is giving good service already since before and now we even aim more to give excellent service to our valued customers. We always listen to the suggestions of our valued customers.

1. Need a maid, cook or babysitter
2. Fast replacement, Reliable and Trained
3. No more worries, no need to wait so long
4. Guarantee replacement in less than 2 weeks.

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