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12" Portable LCD Writing Tablet Drawing Board Erasable Notepad Pad for Kids n.1-

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Description&Previewshipping&policyDescription:Feature:1. Puzzle enlightenment/happy painting/one-key lock screen/one-key elimination/gentle eye protection/repeated writing/2. Play graffiti in a wild way/Improve your child's artistic talent/Every baby is a natural painting master3. Environmental protection and health / Say goodbye to traditional graffiti and keep children away from harm4. Sturdy and fall-resistant, waterproof and wear-resistant, can withstand the fall damage caused by children's use5. Sensitive pressing, smooth notes, colorful partition design, make the baby's imaginary world full of colors6. Cultivate drawing talents, develop children's left and right brains, and stimulate children's left and right brains with one drawing board7. Eye protection screen, give more care to the baby, the drawing board screen adopts LCD eye protection display screen, double-layer screen, one layer of protection8. Anti-erasure lock, one key to freeze the wonderful picture, one key to clear without residue9. Clear button, one-click efficient clearing, and you can draw inspiration again10. A battery can be used for a long time, low power and long-lasting standby, no power consumption for drawing, the built-in battery is only used with one-key clear function11. Lightweight and portable, let your imagination fly anytime, anywhere, convenient for your baby to carry with you, and paint whenever and wherever you wantSpecification:Battery: One CR2025 button batteryColor: black/white/blue/pinkSize: 12""Packing list:1* drawing board (including brush)Preview:Thank you for your purchaseProblems?You can follow below process to contact us. There is a time zone difference,but we will do our best to quickly response to your questions:Shipping● We will arrange shipping for you within 24 Hours after payment cleared except the holidays.● We always send the item to the address you give us on Payoneer to ensure the security of the item. If you have changed your address, or want us to ship to another address, please change to the new address when you pay us with Payoneer, otherwise we will not be responsible if the package is lost.PaymentsWe accepts Payoneer only If you have any questions about the payment,please contact us through eBay message.
Import DutiesIn case some duty is due Upon delivery, it is your responsibility to meet that expense and this may cause delays to delivery schedule and you may have to pickup goods at the customs office.Terms & ConditionsBy bidding on this item,the Buyer agrees to all of the terms and conditions as outlined in this listing .please ensure to read and agree to All eBay terms and Conditions before bidding.All pictures are for illustration purpose only and Colours may vary slightly.
Our store obeys all eBay Rules and Policies.Returns PolicyTo Return an item you must contact us and take photos of your item to clearly show any damage or unusual aspects of it.Approved returns will be subject to inspection on arrival. Items must be returned in original condition with all original packaging.All shipping and handing charges are non-refundableReturn delivery costs are the responsibility of the buyer. We will cover the cost if sending replacement/repaired items.Within 7 days after receiving your products, we offers a no-hassle 7 day exchange/replace only if your items are found to be defective by manufacturer."


1st picture of 12" Portable LCD Writing Tablet Drawing Board Erasable Notepad Pad for Kids n.1- For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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