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Scrap GI Sheets Supplier in Philippines

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We are a known top scrap GI Sheets supplier in the Philippines. We've been in this business for more than 10 years. If you need a large volume of scrap galvanized iron (GI) sheets, we can supply it for you.

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(supplier/exporter of scrap GI Sheets)

    Store/Office Address:
    C. Padilla St. (in front of Philwood), Duljo, Fatima, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000

    Cloeh S. Cardenas

    Contact/Telephone Number:
   (032) 383-8675, (032) 584-0031

    Cellphone Number:
    09155007255, 09424655034, 09233318225
Below are pictures of pressed GI sheets.
Scrap Galvanized Iron Sheets
Scrap GI Sheets
We are located at the heart of Cebu, the tradecenter of the Philippines where the economy is booming. We store large volume of scrap GI sheets and we can accommodate your need. If you are a customer outside the Philippines, we export GI sheets in your country.
GI sheets are building materials composed of hot-dip galvanised mild steel, cold-rolled with a linear corrugated pattern. The corrugated design increases the elasticity of the sheet. They are lightweight and can be easily transported. It is used mostly for housing or building constructions in developed countries like Philippines. It became the most common roofing material in rural areas. GI sheets can last for many years if painted.
If they become rusted and holes are beginning to appear in the sheets, house owners will likely trash and sell them to junk shops. Major universities, business establishments, factories, hotels in Cebu sell their scrap GI sheets to us.
If you want to avail the lowest, cheapest or most affordable price offering of GI sheets, just mention AFFORDABLECEBU.COM upon inquiry. We can freely negotiate the price.


1st picture of Scrap GI Sheets Supplier in Philippines Offer in Cebu, Philippines

2nd picture of Scrap GI Sheets Supplier in Philippines Offer in Cebu, Philippines

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cleopatra Phone Number: (032) 383-8675, (032) 584-0031, 09155007255, 09424655034, 09233318225,

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