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Buy bosch high pressure common rail fuel injection pump from best supplier

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Buy bosch high pressure common rail fuel injection pump from best supplier-Common Rail system





In recent years, more and more drivers have been drawn to diesel-powered vehicles. Bosch has played a major role in this European diesel boom. The modern high-pressure injection systems VP44 distributor-pump, Unit Injector and Common Rail have transformed the ponderous, smoke-belching slowcoaches of yesterday into the sporty, fuel-efficient and clean automobiles of today.

The Common Rail system in particular gives engine developers the freedom they need to reduce exhaust emissions even further, and especially to lower engine noise. The particular design of Common Rail, with its flexible division of injection into several pre-, main and post-injections, allows the engine and the injection system to be matched to each other in the best possible way. In the Common Rail accumulator injection system, the generation of the injection pressure is separate from the injection itself. A high-pressure pump generates in an accumulator – the rail – a pressure of up to 1,600 bar (determined by the injection pressure setting in the engine control unit), independently of the engine speed and the quantity of fuel injected. The fuel is fed through rigid pipes to the injectors, which inject the correct amount of fuel in a fine spray into the combustion chambers. The Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) controls extremely precisely all the injection parameters – such as the pressure in the Rail and the timing and duration of injection – as well as performing other engine functions.


What's Common Rail Pump?

The system consists of a high-pressure pump, injectors, a rail, and an electronic control unit. The common rail is a long metal cylinder. It receives the fuel from the pump and distributes it to the injectors under extremely high pressure. The increase in the fuel pressure is a result of the latest engines' design.


How Does A Common Rail Pump Work?

The pump maintains the rail pressure by continuously delivering fuel to the common rail. ... One way is to supply more fuel than is needed to the common rail and use a high pressure regulator—commonly referred to as a pressure control valve—in the high-pressure circuit to spill the excess fuel back to the fuel tank.


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With over 20 years of experience as a China manufacturer of Fuel system parts & components serving both Original Equipment Manufacturer and the After Market, CHINA-LUTONG has always been committed to deliver only the highest quality products accompanied by outstanding service dedication to our customers worldwide. CHINA-LUTONG high precision engine components are manufactured using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies and synergized by the application of the finest materials available. For more information or assistance, please feel free to call me on (telephone) or contact by (email). 

As a leader in the diesel engine parts industry, China-Lutong Machinery Works Co., Ltd will bring Nigeria's hot products at this exhibition, such as plungers 2455-333, 2455-560, A437.3, A616.2, 4S75, CMC90S, 2455- 069, 2455-074, 2455-012, 2455-091, 1325-895, 1W6541, etc.; injector nozzle DLLA144P184, DLLA155P657, DLLA136S943, DLLA150S187, DN4SD24, DN0PDN112, etc.; injector 8N4694 (8N8796), 8N7005, 22808/7N0449 Etc.; injection pump head 1 468 336 614, 7180-977S, 7189-187L, etc., control valve unit pump EUP6.995, 7.000, 7.005, 7.010, common rail control valve F00RJ02103, 9308-621B, 19# and so on.


Shipping Terms:
(1) We support shipment by DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, etc.
(2) Items will be only shipped after payment is confirmed by Escrow.
(3) For security reasons, we only ship orders to the delivery address you registered on AliExpress. So please be sure your
    address on AliExpress is correct.
(4) For customers from Russia or some Eastern Europe country, please choose EMS or other appropriate Express which are easy
    for customs clearance.
(5) Buyer bear the import duties imposed by customs in your country.

Alen Huang(Sale manager)                      
Whatsapp: +86-13666940123  

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