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All I hear is buzzing and faint noises from my headset when plugged in

All I hear is buzzing and faint noises from my headset when plugged in

I have a Tomahawk 450 motherboard (I don’t know if that matters or not) and when i plug in my headset all I hear is buzzing and i noticed when i was trying to fix it that i could barely hear what i was playing in my headphones it was so little that it took me a couple of minutes to find out what song was playing. I’ve tried lots of different types of headphones and all of them have the same outcome. I really hope I don’t have to buy a new motherboard. Also my PC’s operating system is windows 10.

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Guest [Entry]

"Hi @scrambii ,

Have you checked the status of the audio controller in Device Manager?

(right click the Windows Start button, left side of Taskbar and select Device Manager in the options menu that appears.)

In Device Manager scroll down to Sound, video and game controllers and right click on the Realtek HD entry and select Properties. The status is described in the Device Status box in the General tab

Have you got the latest Win 10 audio drivers installed in the computer? (select on board audio drivers) The installed driver version is found in the Driver tab in the properties section of the device in device manager.

Have you checked the Realtek Audio console program to see if the headphones are being detected? (see p.23 of the user manual)"