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Apple Watch Sport 42mm has a red exclamation mark!

Apple Watch Sport 42mm has a red exclamation mark!

Hi All!!!!! The watch had stopped charging, and popped an Apple, when connected to the power supply restart when charging tried a forced restart jumped a red exclamation mark((((((((((((((( HELP PLEASE!!

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Apple suggests you try to force restart it again, if that doesn't work, they want you to contact Apple Support. Some users have found it's connected to two factor authentication. You can read more on this macrumors forum thread. Unfortunately, there's not too much info on the subject yet, and you may have to get a replacement =C
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"I also have the same problem while i was down loading the latest software

Now i have got to send my watch away for repair or a new watch

My watch is out of warranty but apple are going to replace it free of charge

It seams to be the latest software that is causing the problem"
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"Is it 5 years in the US as well!??

Rebooted Series 1 iWatch and the Apple icon keeps appearing and will fade to red. When trying to reboot again, I receive message to contact support with the red !

The watch was fine until a reboot"