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Can I change the language of my camera from Japanese to English?

Can I change the language of my camera from Japanese to English?

Its basically that. I have this Sony Cyber-Shot from Japan. The whole system is in Japanese. I cant understand anything. Can I 'translate' it? By firmware or any way? How? Thanks in advanced!

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Install GUI version. After installed and camera is connected to USB go to tweaks and you can allow all languages on Japanese version Cameras."
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"Here’s how:

Language Setting

Selects the language to be used in the menu items, warnings and messages.

MENU   (Settings)   (Main Settings)  [Language Setting]  desired modehttp://docs.esupport.sony.com/dvimag/DSC...UPDATE 6/29//18

The above failing, talk to Sony directly here on chat:

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"Here's the user manual:


From that you should be able to work out how to navigate blind to the language setting."
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"https://youtu.be/F_BKXYfPgB8 how to force change language to English solution

just now by majid"
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"Persistent rumor has it that cameras intended for the domestic market won't have English as an option.

Did you buy this camera in Japan, or online from Japan? If you did, unfortunately there’s no good chance of changing the settings to English. I doubt they would have different settings for the same company though.

Anyway, you can just check out the Sony community for some possible solutions.

We would all love to hear what you know about this. Please report back."