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Can I replace my black iPhone LCD screen with a white one

Can I replace my black iPhone LCD screen with a white one

If I have a black iPhone can I replace my screen with a white LCD screen

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"Yes you can.

The only thing is that you will have to migrate your original Home Button to retain Touch ID so you will have a black button on a white screen.

There are some personalization items you can find, like this Home Button sticker.

If you do the research first, you may end up with a nice result."
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I personally did this, put a black screen on my white iPhone, but you have to put the old Touch ID home button on the new screen. It means I have a black screen with a white home button (that was on purpose, to make it unique).

In your case you will have a white screen with black home button."
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The color of LCD screen assemble don't affect the display function. To keep the touch ID function, you should keep the original Home Button.
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"i have replaced my iphone Se black with white LCD

but its not working properly when i open some apps with white background display get turn off"