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Hot water coming out of the soft vent into the Water Reservoir

Hot water coming out of the soft vent into the Water Reservoir

Original Post: Keurig Elite B-40 Brewer

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I was having the issue of the water coming out of the reservoir valve. I tried blowing air through the return valve, spanking my keurig, and everything else I could find on forums but nothing was working. I even called Keurig directly and they couldn't help. Turns out that there are 2 screws in the top where the needle sits that can be removed to take the cover off the handle so you can access the hose assembly. There is a barrel shaped pump that sits between the water heater and the brew basket that can clog up and creates the pressure backup that forces the water to be routed through the return valve back to the reservoir. If you gently remove the hose closest to the brew basket and squirt the descaling solution into the barrel and hold it upright for a couple minutes the solution will break up the scale allowing the keurig to fully cycle.
Guest [Entry]

"My Keueig was returning water to the reservoir. Not a drop was coming out where it was supposed to come out. I tried the paper clip - side note, I only had plastic coated paper clips. That coating came undone on about the 3rd ramming of the puncture apparatus. Fortunately I saw it and peeled it off before I jammed it up into wherever whatever else was stuck.

I filled the reservoir with 50/50 cleaning vinegar & water, ran it 3 times & all went back to the reservoir. (Reservoir now has spiderweb design - guess it wasn't designed to accept all that hot liquid return.)

I paper clipped it again. Still no luck.

I went back to Googling. Found a suggestion to turn unit over and give it a few good whacks. So I took off the reservoir and spanked my Keurig in the kitchen sink. Another unsuccessful run, the water ran straight into the reservoir.

Google said attach a straw and blow air thru the reservoir return valve. My return valve is wide with 2 small holes on either side. I wasn't about to rig something air tight to accommodate, so I just put my mouth over the %#*@ thing & blew.

Back to vinegar brew. Still no luck. I thoroughly reamed the puncture section with the paper clip again, followed by flipping it on its side & blowing copious amounts of air thru the the reservoir return. I set it to brew more vinegar/water & went back to Googling when I heard an unfamiliar sound. I ran to the kitchen AND HOT WATER WAS COMING OUT WHERE HOT WATER IS SUPPOSED TO COME OUT OF!!!!!


I'm now cycling out the balance of the vinegar (replacing it with plain cold water), and will continue to do so til I don't smell vinegar anymore.

Rejoice. I shall be surprising my oldest daughter next week with her very own Keurig. Since I ran out & bought a new one when this one stopped working.

Lucky kid!"
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I also had the water coming out of overflow. Was not a plugged up piercer in my case but rather the little check valve in the silicone hose that comes from the top of hot water tank to the piercer was stuck. Took it apart and unstuck the o-ring then reassembled. Back to like new operation.
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Before I took it apart I started pounding on the top near where the needle is and it's finally pouring out water and grounds. Unreal nice!! I was about to take things apart but then got !#^&@@ and started beating it instead. It was going out the overflow all morning and it took a trip to the gas station to get me some coffee before I threw it through the window. Whew
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Mine had same problem. If paper clip doesn't work. Take top off. Remove backflow valve from inside tube. It sticks sometimes. Clean it and replace.