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How can I remap my Caps-Lock key to Escape (for Vim) in Snow Leopard?

How can I remap my Caps-Lock key to Escape (for Vim) in Snow Leopard?

Obviously, in Linux I can use xmodmap. On Leopard, I used an InputManager called PCKeyboardHack. But InputManagers are now broken.

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bert [Entry]

"I may be way off as I'm nowhere near my Mac to check, but would Ukelele be able to remap the Caps lock? I know you can remap the Caps lock using system preferences too, but I think the possible replacements are limited (again away from a Mac to test)...

You could also see if doublecommand has that mapping included, as reports suggest it works in 32bit kernel mode in SL at least...


There seems to be a PCKeyboardHack fork for SL:

bert [Entry]

"Open System Preferences
Open the Keyboard Preferences
Make sure you're on the 'Keyboard' tab
Click 'Modifier Keys'
Change them to whatever you like."
bert [Entry]

"I use Seil to remap my Mac keyboard

Download Seil
Check 'Change the caps lock key'
Change keycode from 51 to 53

Note, you must also nullify the default Caps Lock key from your Mac Keyboard settings.

Settings->Keyboard->Keyboard tab
Click on Modifier Keys (bottom right)
Change Caps Lock setting from 'Caps Lock' to 'No Action'"