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How do I fix my broken xbox one S sync button?

How do I fix my broken xbox one S sync button?

Okay so i figured out around two days ago i tried syncing my controller to me xbox one S but it wouldnt work i pressed the sync button on my xbox and i couldnt hear a click sound it makes normally when you sync a controller is a peice missing or is my sync button broken?

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"Plug Controller in USB.

2. Hold Power Button for 10 seconds.

3. Unplug the Power Cord for 10 seconds.

4. Plug Power Cord back in to Xbox.

5. Power On Xbox Press Power Button on Console.

6. Soft Power down Xbox Press Button once.

7. Disconnect USB from Xbox and Controller.

8. Power on Xbox with Controller.

You're Welcome. Enjoy!

I found this on a different page and it worked!!!!"
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With mine all I had to do was take the disk out and boom problem solved so make sure there's no disk in when ur trying to sync.
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You can get a new one but you can also sync your controllers by using the USB port in the back of the Xbox One mine is broken as well so I just use the USB port to sync my controllers to the Xbox
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I know this space is for an answer but I'm having major problems with the sync I press it and it clicks but it doesn't flash plz help
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Other answers worked finally. Annoying product