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How do I image my hard drive for backup? Or do I just need to backup the files?

How do I image my hard drive for backup? Or do I just need to backup the files?

I have never imaged a hard drive, so I don't know how to prepare my system for imaging. Is this the best way to backup? In the past, I've always just kept a copy of my important files on an external drive and in Gmail or DropBox for smaller stuff, but it would be nice to just take one image and restore from that if something ever goes wrong.

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bert [Entry]

"Either way works, it just depends on what you want to do.

I prefer a hybrid approach. Back up your important files to the cloud - Back Blaze, Mozy, Carbonite - and then do an image of the drive.

An image restores all you data and settings - opperating system included. Macrium Reflect or Clonezilla are the more popular free versions. I'm partial to Drive Snapshot."
bert [Entry]

"There are a wide variety of imaging tools available for the different platforms. I would seek out several and see which ones meet your needs based upon ease of use for you and the platform upon which you are running (Windows, Mac, *nix). Do a quick search on Google or the search engine of your choice and select a couple to download and try. If those don't work for you, try others.

Back-ups are an entirely different animal. A HDD image will help you return to a specific point in time, as will a back up. However, an image will resotre not only your current settings but the files up to that point. Back-ups are typically used for just files and not the applications/settings."
Xybcvk [Entry]

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