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How to map a shared folder in the network to a local folder in Windows

How to map a shared folder in the network to a local folder in Windows

I've got an application which stores its settings and other data in a specific folder on my hard drive. I cannot change this location without reverse-engineering the application.

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bert [Entry]

"If your partitions are in NTFS, you could make a NTFS link between the folders, as explained in this other answer.

This will effectively make the same
folder available in both places. Any
change you make from one location will
instantly happen in the other
location, because both locations are
actually the same folder.

The NTFS Link shell extensions will
let you easily create and manage these
junction points (and hard links also)
from the Explorer context menu.

However this will most likely work only on one of the computers, the one which physically has the shared folder. I doubt you can do that to point on the shared drive.

Edit: Maybe you could combine this with NTFS symbolic links. Unlike a ""junction"", like the one created with the previous solution, this one allows you to point to network drives as well. The drawback is that it works only on Windows Vista and further versions.

So I guess you would have to make the shared folder on the XP machine (which is already the setting, after re-reading your question), make a junction, with the first solution, with your program folder, and then make a symlink from 7, to this shared folder."