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Jila industrial washing machine system stopped working?

Jila industrial washing machine system stopped working?

I am living in an abandoned old age care home as a live-in guardian. The building has an impressive laundry that houses Jila washing machines and dryers. One of the washing machines was working when I first moved in, but has since stopped. I'd like to get it to start working again.

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"Can you find a model number?

Water Inlet Valve

If the washer fills very slowly, the water pressure from the house might be too low. If the pressure is good, try cleaning the screens inside the water inlet valve hose connection ports. If those are clean replace the water inlet valve.


I couldn't find a number on the inside of the washer. It has Jila HW64 printed on the front of it and a number imprinted on the back of the machine - 6401218.

I'll try cleaning the filters. However, the pump failure light came on without the washing machine being switched on, so I don't think the filters have caused the problem.

Even if I can get the pump working, I can't get any power to the machine. The Diversey L5000 laundry dosing equipment box power light is out, and the power cable to the washing machine comes from the equipment box. Any suggestions there?"