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Phone stuck on Apple logo, just vibrates when plugged in

Phone stuck on Apple logo, just vibrates when plugged in

This morning, I woke up and found my phone both unresponsive and very hot to the touch. I tried to turn it on, but was greeted with only a black screen. After waiting a little while, I took and plugged the phone into a different charger. It began to vibrate every few seconds, though the screen remained black. Oddly enough, it had not been vibrating like that when I woke up, despite being plugged in. I plugged it into a couple more chargers, including the one I'd used last night, but to no avail; it wouldn't do anything but vibrate when plugged in.

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"This sounds more like a hardware problem than software. The charger it was plugged into overnight, is it an Apple Original brick and Lightning cable? Cheap chargers and cables can cause the charge circuit in the phone to blow.

I would suggest that you start by taking it to a reputable repair shop in your area to have it looked at. It could just be the battery but it may also require a micro-soldering repair. Not every repair shop offers micro-soldering repairs so you would have to search for one locally or mail it in to a specialist in that event."
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"Ok, so the same exact thing happened to me on my iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 11.

I called Apple Support and they had me do this:

1. Press the Volume Up button once

2. Press the Volume Down button once

3. Press and hold the Power button until the phone restarts and you see the black Apple logo against the black background.

This fixed the issue for me right away. I couldn’t find this process anywhere online, so I’ve posted it here for the next unlucky soul that runs into this issue."
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This happened to me as well, the only difference being I was using the phone when it happen. I suddenly just when to an all black screen with a little loading spinney thing, at fist I though it was updating but then it did that for about 10 min. and I got worried. Then tried the same thing you did and got the same result...
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I'm surprised nobody mentioned trying to restart the phone using home + power button for 10 - 15 seconds then turning it on again.