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Why is my laptop power on then after a few seconds off

Why is my laptop power on then after a few seconds off

my laptop having a trouble with powering on i dont know what happen.When i press the power on the light also on but after a few seconds 2 or 3 seconds the light off ..can you please help me...thank you in advance

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"Impossible to say for certain, but most likely it's either the battery or the mains adapter.

Laptops will normally work just fine off mains power alone, but a dead battery (I mean truly dead, not just worn out) could stop it working. Take the battery out and try running it just on the mains adapter. If it now works, you need a new battery, or content yourself with running it just on mains.

If it dies after a few seconds like you described just on mains power, it could well be the mains adapter. Perhaps you can find a friend or colleague who has an HP with the same kind of adapter. So long as the plug on the laptop end of the adapter is the same size, and the output voltage written on the adapter is the same, it should be compatible. If this works, you need a new adapter.

Replcement batteries and adapters are fairly readily available on places like eBay, but don't go for the cheapest or one from a seller with less than an excellent reputation as there are some poor quality ones out there, especially for popular brands of laptop.

If it's neither the battery nor the adapter, it could be a motherboard fat, which would be more challenging. Good luck!

Regards - Philip"
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"It's most likely either the battery or the mains adapter. Remove the battery and try running on the mains adapter only, then try disconnecting the mains adapter and running it on the battery alone. If it fails with one but not the other, that's your answer, but if it powers off as you describe in both cases, then it's something within the laptop itself.

Google for ""HP Pavilion dv4t disassembly"" and you'll find several guides. It could be that the heat sink has come away from the processor chip which as a consequence is almost instantly overheating and automatically shutting down. In that case you'll need to clean off and reapply the heatsink paste and refit the heatsink. Again, Google should be able to find you a guide of video showing you how to do that."
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"I had the same issue with my HP Omen laptop charging for a few seconds when connecting to the AC adapter and then turning off a few seconds later. I had a spare battery and AC adapter that I used to rule out either component. I then tried updating the BIOS, deleting and then searching automatically for the newest battery/power drivers, but those didn't work either. I then did a factory reset which didn't fix the issue.

What finally DID fix the issue was replacing the charging port within the laptop. It was a pain to get to but totally worth the $9.

I hope this helps anyone still experiencing the same issue!"
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"maybe your laptop just needs cleaning.

that happened on my brothers laptop, i opened it and found out s much dust in the fan and other parts that its having a hard time to boot."
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I'm having same trouble. It turns on, then off. Send me to safe mode. Either choosing an option will just keep proceeding to shut it off, or nothing happens. Getting really frustrated! The battery is full. Before this issue i had to troubleshoot bc I couldn't even open the startup menu, or touch mostly everything. Need help!