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Windows 7 Jumplists - How to turn off for Windows Explorer ONLY in taskbar

Windows 7 Jumplists - How to turn off for Windows Explorer ONLY in taskbar

I really like Windows 7's feature of jumplists. It's great at caching recently viewed/visited documents and sites for all kinds of applications. Bravo to the Windows 7 team for making this feature easy to use!

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Guest [Entry]

"This post suggests that you:

Clearing the recent documents history clears the Jump Lists MRU as well. Use these steps:

Right-click on the Taskbar (Superbar) and choose Properties

In the Start Menu tab, uncheck the following option:

Click Apply

This clears the recent documents history and the Jump Lists MRU. The Pinned items are not cleared.

I tried it out and it works for Explorer, but off course this will also go for all the other jump lists. Until I find a hack that does it, you will either have to disable everything or live with your relatives seeing where you've been ;-)
Off course, you could disable the function and use someting like 7stack or JumpLauncher to create the jump list you want. Also making sure it only shows what you want!
Or keep an eye out for the Windows 7 blog where they go into the details of the API. It shouldn't be long before you can hack the registry to get what you need."
Guest [Entry]

"There is no way to prevent Windows from storing the history as far as I can recall. There is also no way to selective enable or disable the Jump List as per the currently supported API.

You can manage the number of items to display in the Jump List under the Taskbar and Start Menu control panel item, however this will be globally.

Because Explorer is so integrated into Windows, I would imagine any registry edits or hacks to achieve this would cause some problems going forward."
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