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Can you replace the i5 processor with an i7?

Can you replace the i5 processor with an i7?

I would like to upgrade my i5 iMac with the 2.93 GHz i7 processor.

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bert [Entry]

That answer is incorrect. The processor is socketed, so the upgrade is possible physically. I've not heard of anyone successfully doing it though. Wouldn't it be nice if iFixit tried for us? :)
bert [Entry]

as long as these are socketed i wouldnt see why not, ebay has the 1156 intel core i7's in both 2.8 and 2.93 GHZ and they are both 95w which seems to be the same as the core i5
bert [Entry]

"The i7 Intel processor in the 27"" iMac is a 2.8 GHz Intel Quad Core i7-860

Uses the LGA1156 Socket

But its the only one in the group that has expanded options available on chip.

'''Expansion Options

PCI Express Revision 2.0

PCI Express Configurations 1x16, 2x8

of PCI Express Ports 1

''' This is the spec sheet from Intel for the Quad Core i7-860 :


This site is the Intel's i7 Family Product spec sheet:


In conclusion It may be possable to to replace a i5 with the i7-860. but you may not be able to replace a i7-860 with a 3.20 GHz Intel Core™ i7-960 Processor

Kristyanna Virgona"
bert [Entry]

"I can see everyone is talking but no one actually spent 1000£ just to try it, well I did and the answer is No. In my case I tryed to upgrade the 3.06 i3 processor mid 2010 iMac with the i7 860. The processor fits all right and the iMac starts but it does not boot, wich means somehow the bios does not recognise the processor. Could be a power issue wich I'm not 100% sure because it starts. But also could be the nm issue. The i3 is 32 nm the i7 is 45nm. It deffinetly works with a processor that has the same socket , nm, and power as the existent one wich means an i5 but that's not too much of an upgrade is it?

C0L3 ST. J0HN"
bert [Entry]

I dont think you can upgrade the Processor to the one you are talking about, beacause of the Socket, the Core i7's Used in these are Socket 1156, if the Processor your talking about is a i7-940 then thats socket 1366 so its not compatible, and dont forget about heat concerns.
bert [Entry]

"The i5 has 1156 BGA. The two entry level i7 (i7-850 & i7-860) also has 1156 BGA. My iMAC has the 1156 socket.

Note: The iFixit teardown pics are of a Core 2 Duo system.