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Furby Boom's not moving much and goes to sleep after 1 minute

Furby Boom's not moving much and goes to sleep after 1 minute

My daughter's Furby just started to make this cracking noise with every word it says. Also the Furby's moving very quietly and not moving back and forward (at all).

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bert [Entry]


The small 6V brushless DC motor went wrong. I had the same issue.

You can replace it with one from a PC DVD reader (this is the door opener motor). Shaft is smaller but it's ok, diameter is good.

I used a disassembly instruction from here:


Be careful with clips, use a small screwdriver and push the fixing inner parts. With this you can avoid the damage.

You need a solder iron as well to replace electronic part from DC motor.

Now my daughter's Furby is working again!"
bert [Entry]

i know the awnser exactly, i am a furby collector and i own over 80 and the problem with your furby is that its frozen.. sadly this can't be fixed unless you take off the fur and see if the power wire is attatched properly, the little plug is in properly or to fix it you will have to add new battries, change the motor and transitors Hope this was helpful.
bert [Entry]

"Hi there! I don't know much about Furbies, but I found an FAQ. I assume you tried the ""refresh"" button? You may also try to replace the batteries, you just need a screwdriver and 4 AA batteries.

Good luck =("
bert [Entry]

Well... hi guys i have crystal furby and it doesn't seems well to i've try to and it works. You just need to refresh the furby and leave the old furby mind and replace a new battery. if you want to fill up your furby identity you may install on your gadget furby boom app. How to restart, below the furby (on the buttom of furby) you see small button next to the battery you press that for 3-5 sec. comment me if it works or not THX ;3
bert [Entry]

"Mine had that too

My furbacca didnt move but the sound was on

I removed his fur and i was trying to see the problem

The problem was the thingy (gear) that lets the furby move

It didnt have that much oill

And i put some and it worked !

How did I remove the fur?

Click here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAARcn2c...

Its in Russsian sorry but it will help you"