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How can I fix my iPod Nano 6th Gen power button?

How can I fix my iPod Nano 6th Gen power button?

The power button on my iPod Nano 6th Generation is stuck. As in, my iPod won't turn on unless I plug it into the computer to make it light up. Please help!

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bert [Entry]


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bert [Entry]

Emily Routh, if it works when you plug it in, but not when it is not connected, start replacing your battery. After that you have at least a starting point if you should continue to have problems.iPod Nano 6th Generation Logic Board Assembly Replacement gives you an idea of how to do it. Good Luck and let us know if you need more help.
bert [Entry]

"I got the same problem with the 6th generation iPod having a broken power button. The little cloth on top of the power button was gone (inside the iPod).

Here is what i did:

I dismantled it. I used my nails to get a grip around the touchscreen, and then I gently took it out and to the left side. I unscrewed the metal plate behind the display.

You don't need to unhook the cables, but you have to move the battery aside so you can access the cables and buttons. I removed the black tape first, and then I unscrewed the 4 little screws on top. Then, I gently took out the buttons and cables (they are all connected to each other) so I could take a look at it.

I cut out a little piece of double-sided tape and folded it once. Then, I used a needle to place it on top of the power button (the button connected to the cables, because everything is so small.) There is a small gasket around the power button—that one I removed completely because it caused me a lot of trouble. After that, I took 2 of the 4 screws and mounted it back together, just to test the power button (test the button several times) just to check that everything is in order. If it is a go, just reverse the whole operation. At the end i used some superglue to seal the deal :P

What I needed to to this operation:

- Good lighting, I used my cellphone camera light. I placed it on top of a glass, so I got good lighting down towards the iPod.

- Tiny screwdrivers, Star-screwdriver, but you can do it with a flat one too.

- A little piece of double-sided tape and scissors to cut out the pieces of tape.

- Superglue, to use around the seal of the screen.

- Take good time, this is tiny bits and pieces.

I had to do this operation several times to get it to work.

I was not interested to send it back to the webshop and wait several weeks to get it back.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one having problems with this.

Good luck :)

Benjamin (Flip-Da'Script)"
bert [Entry]

same problem to me i received this one on a recall from my gen 1 ipod nano.
bert [Entry]

"This has happened to my iPod too, but my + volume button is also broken so it's really quiet and I doubt there's any way of changing that. Apple being apple will obviously only replace it if it's under warranty despite the fact that this clearly a design fault.

Also, for those of you who are saying ""this iPod sucks... NO GAMES QQ"" I'm going to explain just how wrong you are. This iPod was in no doubt a step in the right direction. The last iPod had games and various other pointless pieces of software which I didn't use once. If you want an iPod that you can use to waste away money on games which you'll use maybe a few times BUY AN IPOD TOUCH. The 6th generation nano is purely for music; it's conveniently small yet its functionality (Other than the hard button on top anyway...) is brilliant. Incredibly useful for running/fitness etc.

So, yes, Apple are doing it right. They're making each of their products individual compared to their other products. So kudos to Apple for that, I just wish that they had more official shops instead of the fake ones that won't actually repair my iPod, warranty or not..."