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How can I keep my Dremel from overheating?

How can I keep my Dremel from overheating?

I've had my Dremel 4000 for over a year, and I've never had trouble with it. Recently though, I've noticed that the tool gets very hot after only a few minutes of use, and sometimes there is a faint burning smell. It functions well enough before it gets hot, and I don't hear any grinding when it is running. Any insight is appreciated.

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bert [Entry]

I am finding it beneficial to keep a sock loosely around the body of my 4000. A old dress (thin material) shoe sock works well. Keep the knitted elastic band of the sock near, but not covering, the fan exhaust holes. You will see the sock captures dust that normally might be inhaled into the tool at the lower end. I believe this keeps the tool running cooler and longer overall.
Kkkkxp [Entry]

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