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How can I remove something from my earphone jack?

How can I remove something from my earphone jack?

Making this simple, I broke my headphone adapter in the earjack, how can I remove it?

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"Although I couldn't get mine out, i do have a way to get your speakers working. I don't know anything about how to do this technique in windows 7 but here it is for windows 8. And these instruction are if you have dell, but i am sure that you will have other sound options over there.

1. Open up control panel by going to your start screen and searching for 'control panel'

2. Once its open, click hardware and sound.

3. Click Dell audio

4. Once it opens, click advanced and then jack information.

5. Then click on the jacks( there will be an icon)

6. Another window will open.

7. Click on line( it will be the first option).

8. Your speaker should be working again!!"
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