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How do I remove the password from my iPod Touch 2nd Generation?

How do I remove the password from my iPod Touch 2nd Generation?

My son put a password on my iPod Touch 2nd Generation 16G. I can't remove it. My PC & iTunes won't recognize my iPod, and I can't update or reset it. The iPod won't start up—it only displays the Apple Logo.

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bert [Entry]

"To restore a password-protected iPod Touch:

1. Plug iPod into computer.

2. Hold down the power (top) button for about 5 seconds until you see the ""slide to power off button""

3. Slide the red button.

4. Immediately hold down both power (top) and home buttons until you see the apple logo.

5. When you see the apple logo, release the power (top) button, but continue to hold down the menu button until you see a picture of a USB cable with an arrow and iTunes on your iPod.

6. Then restore your iPod with iTunes (remember this WILL erase everything off of the iPod, but hopefully your music is backed up on your computer/iTunes).

Hopefully this helps!"
bert [Entry]

"Try putting i device in dfu mode

1. turn ipod off

2. hold power button for 3 seconds

3. while holding power button hold home button for another 10 seconds.

4. release power button hold home button for another 15 seconds then itunes will recognise and you can use as new ipod : )"
bert [Entry]

Restoring is supposed to erase all the contents stored on the iPod Touch, including the password. If that fails, try taking it to your nearest Apple Store and have them try. I suspect that you may have some sort of hardware issue. Try restoring again, and if it still doesn't clear the password, use my suggestion. Otherwise get a new iPod Touch. Good luck!!
bert [Entry]

Do the first answer, by forcing a restore. But DO NOT when it asks to, restore from backup. As this is all settings including passcode.
bert [Entry]

i had the symbol but it still said I was locked out for 36 minuets does it still mean it works?
bert [Entry]

I have same problem but i dont want it to get icloud locked or anything so im a bit worried
Fbagxh [Entry]

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