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Replace new battery in Boosted board 1 gen

Replace new battery in Boosted board 1 gen


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bert [Entry]

"You will need to replace the dead 12S1P pack of A123 26650 cells with new ones by spot welding a new pack together.

Here's a battery diagram."
bert [Entry]

"Anyone got any updates removing the old battery completely?

Following the guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7LOwbEp... , was able to strap a secondary battery to the board, works; but the old battery is dead weight yet is still needed by the BMS.

I assume there is a message being sent back to the motor circuit."
bert [Entry]

I have a V1, kinda not happy with the distance. Is there no way at all to buy a V2 battery and somehow make the BMS compatible with the V1? Read the responses and diagram lol, not making a new battery. What can I buy? Besides a new board lol
bert [Entry]

Just swap out the boosted ESC for the flipsky duel get a new remote and enjoy the freedom of using any battery you can fit in your enclosures
bert [Entry]

"i ordered all the parts and will try to make a new v1 battery pack for 110€

stay tuned:)"
bert [Entry]

"Change of plans. I just swapped out the boosted v1's original electronics with something else. I took out the 39.6 volt battery with the BMS and took out the esc (circuit board)

Currently I am using a 24/36 volt esc I got from eBay and I am using a Ryobi 40 volt 6.0 ah lithium battery.

I ran it Thursday night (8/13). it ran pretty good. I am sharing the motor wires from each motor for the single connection.

In other words 2 motor wires from each motor are into each if the 3 connections.

And I have to run it without the hall sensors. Because for some strange reason, when the hall sensors are plugged in, I can not turn on the power….. however with the hall sensors unplugged, I can turn on the power.

Other than that, it runs pretty decent. Only thing is jerky take off. I think its because there is no hall effect."