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Where can I find a replacement LCD panel for my TV?

Where can I find a replacement LCD panel for my TV?

Hello, about a year ago our 40" Sony Bravia LDC Television went one-on-one with a Wii remote... and lost. The panel was cracked, and the TV was not covered under a warranty. We have long since replaced it with another similar 40" Bravia which has faired pretty well over the past year. The other TV has been residing in the basement in it's box. I decided to leave it there until the price of LCD panels had gone down. I'm now thinking of buying a new panel (if the price is reasonable) and replacing it. The only problem is that I have no idea as to where you can buy an LCD panel for one of these TVs. eBay returned no results and neither did Amazon. Does anyone know where I can buy an LCD panel for one of these TVs?

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bert [Entry]

"Look right here. you will need the part number. http://www2.partstore.com/Brand-Landing-...

UPDATE 3/2020

Link is no longer good try this instead

bert [Entry]

I work for an electronics distributor that specializes in LCDs. Open up your tv, there should be a white sticker on the back of the lcd inside the housing. It will say LG, Samsung, Sharp or whatever manufacturer and then the part number. Then just google.
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"Check this out Bro


Hasith / SL"
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When a problem occurs in television. It is not just the panel. Other parts may be malfunction. for example : Lvds cable-t-con & main board even address board may be dead. Usually find the page panel is difficult, and if it still may not match with main board socets ! and t con board flat cables too. better you sure first .Of course, when the panel has been broken. Have no other option other than to replace it. m . hamooni."
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"After all searching I got two solutions…..

1 Purchase same make and model number DEAD TV ( main board not working ) and replace the panel ..this is very low cost solution

2. All TV’s panel have details of below at backside of panel when you open back cover of TV( sticker pasted on panel)

a. Panel make

b. Panel type

c. Panel number

These all new panels are available in china searching by “Panel Number” and you have to import it by importers of your country.

Panels are available by Panel model Number only not by TV make and model numbers

ex : Sony KD-49x700d used panel is “Lc490eqy-sja3 or syv4951”

you have to search as Lc490eqy-sja3 or syv4951 not Sony KD49X700D panel.

This solution is expensive as 1 panel cost 2. import charges 3. taxes

so good luck…."
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