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Why is my dishwasher not washing or drying very well?

Why is my dishwasher not washing or drying very well?

I have an issue with a Kenmore model- 665.13003n511 (seems like an awfully long model number). It does not heat up very well. I have already replaced the heating element (This part was actually bad, and was starting to get some corrosion on it), and it is still not cleaning or drying well. I do use a drying agent with it. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this, or where I can start next? TIA!

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @imbob218 ,

Check that the dishwasher’s hot water supply is 120 deg. F (49 deg. C) at the dishwasher. (see p.6 of the installation manual)

The heater element only raises the temperature by some 40 deg. F maximum (see p.16 of the user manual for the different temperatures used by the different wash cycles).

If the supply is not hot enough then the heater may not be able to bring it up to the required temperature.

Update (03/07/2021)

Hi @imbob218

According to this supplier the manufacturer’s part number for the tech sheet is Tech Sheet - W10849767 - Rev A.

Scroll down to p.5 and find the Water Heating/Heat Dry and Water Sensing with O.W.I. Sensor (Water/Air/Soil/Temperature) circuit.

On p.6-7 it shows how to get into the Diagnostics, what the error codes mean if any shown and what to look for, for each error code.

Hopefully between using the two you will find the problem"