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Why is there a "do not disconnect" logo on my screen

Why is there a "do not disconnect" logo on my screen

We just bought a used iPod and there is no booklet with it. When I plugged it in to my computer via a USB connector there is now a sign blinking and saying "do not disconnect". Is there a problem???

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bert [Entry]

toggle hold switch 5 times, then hold center button and menu button at same time for 10-20 seconds. Sounds crazy, but it worked for me!
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Make sure you use iTunes, and connect your iPod.

Select your iPod in the navigation panel on the left, Devices section.

Now use the Music button in the top menu.

Select to synchronize only ""Selected playlists"".

Only the tracks used in the selected playlists will be synced to your iPod.

The other tracks in your music library will not appear on your device."
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Super,works like a charm!
bert [Entry]

I’ve tried everything and I cannot get the do not disconnect off of my Ipod. Please Help!!!!!! It doesn’t even show my Ipod Icon in ITunes…..