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Any recourse on broken brown clip on logic board?

Any recourse on broken brown clip on logic board?

Installed new logic board, when I pushed down on the clip to reconnect the headphone cable it snapped off. . .can I tape it in place? any suggestions? thought it was seated in snug enough, but having problems restoring iPod, by the time it's all back together it works loose, and since my x-ray glasses are broken it's hard to know for sure.


"Unfortunately, the ZIF connectors on iPod Videos are very fragile and have a limited life when opened and closed multiple times. Once they break, they are very difficult to reinstall. You could try buying a dead logic board from eBay and (VERY CAREFULLY) taking the locking bar from the dead one to transplant on the new one, but the success rate isn't extremely high.

Sorry I don't have better news."

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