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Can I fix the my headphones so the sound in the left ear works?

Can I fix the my headphones so the sound in the left ear works?

My BOSE headphones are about 3 years old. Sometimes the sound in the left ear stops working. If I mess with the connector cord, where it connects to the computer, then I can get the sound to work.


I would send them back to Bose. The are a good company and in my experience dealing with their headphones if there is a problem I send it to them and it comes back repaired. No charge. Be sure to obtain a return authorization number first.

Often times dirt will contaminate the contacts on the female part of a 3.5mm audio connection, and these Bose headphones aren't immune to this problem. The symptom of this is audio that cuts in and out when you rotate or apply sideways pressure to connector on the end of the cable.

does it work well plugged into something else? other than the computer?

This is a common weakness in BOSE headsets. You need to replace the jack to do the job right. It is a simple $1.00 part at Radio Shack. If you don't know how to do it there is an excellent video on YouTube which walks you through it.

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