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Can I turn off the startup sound

Can I turn off the startup sound

Is there any way to turn off the VERY ANNOYING AND LOUD startup sound? I absolutely hate it so much that I will sell this speaker if I can't get rid of that noise!


"It's not easy to see, but the answer is on this page as a comment written by @nalegke, so I thought I'd repost it as an answer.

""Download the JBL Connect mobile app, update speaker's firmware and turn off the alert sounds from the app.""

Just confirmed this for myself."

I have downloaded the JBL Connect app (Samsung S7), upgraded to JBL Connect+. Does nothing, except change name of the JBL Charge 3 and do upgrade again.

The app only supports a handful of speakers. The Charge Essential is not supported. The On/Off sound is so annoying that my wife forbids me to use the loudspeaker if she is around.

Yes i also hate that loudly sound of startup. In there anybody know how to turn it off?

No app named JBL Connect to be found in iOS App Store!!

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