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Can the charging port on my Jambox wireless speaker be repaired?

Can the charging port on my Jambox wireless speaker be repaired?

While trying to charge my Jambox, the connection piece inside the charger port broke off.


"this might help a bit


If you're looking for how to open it like I was, there are screws under the rubber footing on the bottom of the speaker. Hope this helps. :)

It actually is a simple fix, I took a small flat head screwdriver and popped the grill off under the rubber, go around lifting it off little by little. Unscrew the four screws with a small Phillips screwdriver, pull the speaker halfway out unscrew the four screws on the white base, and the four on the board, you can then lift the board I took the same charging pin and lined it up with the marks on the board and placed it from behind then I took a small knife with a point and slid it in till it lined up. Once I was finished before I closed it I plugged it in my red light lit up along with the blue light and started charging.

To fix this issue your going to need to find out if your charging dock is a soldered on assembly or if it uses a male and female connector setup. If its a connector then youll just have to find a replacement part, pop the old one out and install the new one. If it is soldered on(which i suspect) you will need to find the appropriate style dock and solder it in place of the old one.

I fixed it. JAM Wireless speaker model HX P230A. Just open the assembly an cutt the cables to the battery. Put the to the outside of the case using the usb hole (which is not needed more) and use the cables to connect the battery externally, using a charger. Connect cables with battery with clips or use it to directly charge using a usb charger connected to the cables, cutting the cables of an old usb connector. Be sure to know what are the USB D/C cables. Battery is 3.7v/500Mah | VLP053048AH | SM/2012407.

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