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Check lint filter light is blinking and dryer won't run.

Check lint filter light is blinking and dryer won't run.

No matter which setting I choose , the check lint filter light starts flashing and the dryer won't start. I have reset the breaker, unplugged the dryer, cleaned out the filter and the vent in the back. An answer on another of this question said to check the heat sensor which I will do. Is there anything else to check for?


I am an appliance installer and had this same issue today. I had found out that I forgot to reconnect the plug going to the door. So the dryer thought the door was open. If anybody has done any work to it that might be the issue. Or could even be a bad switch for the door closed sensor.

Have you checked to make sure the sensor isn’t being blocked or has been unplugged? Find a maintenance manual for your specific dryer and take it apart IAW the maintenance manual

I pushed the door sensor switch in a few times, closed the door tight and seems to have solved the problem.

I also pushed the door close switch several times and the dryer started working. Looks like I may need to replace the switch down the road, the contacts are probably degrading over time.

I woke up early to tackle this issue, with no luck with all that I tried. My wife came down and turned the dial to Normal and it worked fine. I guess the dial was on sensor mode.

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