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Dead - what to replace?

Dead - what to replace?
My iPod Photo 60GB A1099 Serial # JQ 5142EESAZ has died. It has never been out of the house, and sits on the socket of my hi-fi music player which keeps it charged. Recently the Select button in the centre of the wheel went "hard". It would not move, or click. But the screen operated and the click wheel turned to adjust volume. It played music, starting from the last selected piece, but I could not select other tunes. Now two weeks later, nothing works. No screen, no response to moving the Hold switch or connecting to the computers as iTunes can't recognise it. I've connected it to power for 24 hours, to see if the battery needs charging but no response. I'm quite prepared to try repairs, but need to know first what would need replacing. What components haved failed, according to this description? Appreciate your help.


@ancestor you do want to start with a new battery. Also, clean the dock connector with some 99% isopropyl alcohol and a few puffs or compressed air. The re-evaluate and let us know what you find.

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