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Excessive noise coming from rear drum; shaft area.

Excessive noise coming from rear drum; shaft area.

Why is the excessive (grinding) noise only happening in curtain cycles...would this still be a bearing issue as I'm not hearing the noise in "HIGH" spin cycle...If the problem is the inner and outer bearings, can they be replaced without replacing the entire rear drum?


ken, here is my answer to a similar question "check this site for more on the parts and diagrams of your machine. You can also get the manual from here. I would take a close look at the shock absorber mount and the suspension spring and counterweight. Make sure that the spring is still attached and the counterweight bolt properly tightened. Of course, you also want to make sure that your machine is level etc. I am not convinced that it is your bearing. Those usually make a whining or grinding noise at all times, not just at a certain location. The issues with your machine sound more like the drum is out of alignment. However, if you need a bearing kit, you can get that from here.

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