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half of my screen is pink (only when dark colors suppose to appear)

half of my screen is pink (only when dark colors suppose to appear)

I have a LG 42LD550 TV screen. the right side shows pink color instead of dark colors (when there are bright colors it works perfectly).


"@dodom usually when one side of the panels is out this could be related to the loss of drive data for RGB information to the left side of the screen. This is sometimes caused by the flat cable connecting the TCON to the LCD panel coming loose or having been damaged. The area of missing video can be dark or completely white depending on the panel design.

So, check your cables and if those are seated properly and show no damage, your most likely failure is the T-con board/connector or the LCD driver board (part of the panel). we would have to see more of the actual panel of your TV and the driver boards. You recognize those by looking at the top of panel for the small ribbon cable entering the panel. There are most likely 4 ribbons per side per board. Check on those ribbon cables and with the TV connected, tap each one of those ribbon cables and see if that will correct the color issues. Post some images of your Panel etc. with your question. That way we can see what you see.

Update (11/09/2018)

@dodom it would be the boards and the end of either one of the ribbon cables. There will be most likely 4 cables from each board go into the panel. Tap those cable ends and see what happens. Looks like you have a frame around the display so you may have to loosen it or take the panel out to get to them"

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