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Hard Drive replacement failure

Hard Drive replacement failure

I dropped my iPod a month or 2 ago and broke the hard drive. I ordered a replacement, but I accidently put the replacement in upside down and tried to turn the iPod on. I realized my mistake and flipped the hard drive but not the iPod gets stuck at the Apple logo on startup. My computers (both mac and pc) will not recognize the iPod. It displays a sad face and goes into diagnostic mode without the hard drive in but with it in will not do anything. It went into disk mode with or without the hard drive before I put the hard drive in upside down but now will not go into disk mode at all.


What model of replacement hard drive did you get? Not all hard drives are compatible with all models of iPods.

I have a 5.5 30GB and despite all diagnostics unit's hard drive is "clicking" and the Apple sad face appears. I think it is the hardrive. Any agree? Do you have a 30GB Hard Drive: Toshiba MK8010GAH for sael and how much?

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