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Hold slider no longer working

Hold slider no longer working
I replaced my old battery and thought I put everything back as I found it. Turns out, I messed something up with my hold switch. It's now completely loose and has lost it's functionality. I looked at some of the breakdown pictures and it looks fine, but it feels completely loose. Any ideas?


"Hi Tyler

I have a newer version, so I'm not sure, but it looks like the hold-switch is part of the headphone jack part. It can be replaced, and since you've replaced your battery, that shouldn't be a problem.

iPod 3G 10/15/20 GB Headphone Jack

(there is another part that fits 30GB version)

After taking it out, you could examine your old part to see if you can fix it, before ordering a new one."
As Sarah suggested, it could be that the actual switch is broken. If you pop the back off, can you see a little black switch near the top right corner (top right when the iPod is laying on its face)? If so, is it broken?

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