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How do I detach circuit board from behind panel with control knob

How do I detach circuit board from behind panel with control knob

Our Kenmore HE3 dryer won't start when I press the Start button in the control knob. This problem occurred occasionally starting about a year ago, but last weekend, the dryer quit working altogether. We're not sure if the issue is the interface circuit board or the control knob. My husband and I detached the control panel from the front of the machine and tried to remove the circuit board from behind the panel, but we can't figure out how to detach the board from the back of the panel. Could anyone advise how to do this? Thanks.


"@dhaddix1 that information is contained in the Tech sheet :

Console Electronics and Housing Assembly

The console panel must be removed to access the console electronics and housing assembly.

1. Perform steps 1 and 2 under Accessing & Removing the Electronics Assemblies, page 9, and disconnect the P2 harness from the machine control, and the P2 connector from the UI power cube.

2. Remove the screw that fastens the assembly to the machine control mounting bracket (figure 16), and the two screws that fasten the console assembly to the machine (figure 18).

3. Gently remove the decorative trim that surrounds the door and upper console by unsnapping it from the machine. See figure 19.

4. Slide the console up and off of the machine. See figure 18.

5. The console mounting bracket is fastened to the console front panel with two latches at both sides of the console assembly. Unlatch the bracket gently with a screwdriver while pulling the mounting bracket assembly out. See figure 18.

6. The console electronics is split into two assemblies connected by two cables. Each assembly is fastened to the decorative piece by four plastic latches. To remove these assemblies, gently compress the plastic latches while pulling up on the assembly. For the cycle selector assembly, the cycle selector knob must first be removed by firmly pulling on it or gently prying it straight upward. See figure 20."

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