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How do I get my tv out of standby mode

How do I get my tv out of standby mode

my tv is in standby mode and i can't get it to come out of standby please help me?


Jackie Coleman you place the TV in standby mode by turning it off but leave the power cord connected to the outlet. It should get out of standby mode by turning it on. When an error occurs, the POWER/STANDBY or LAMP LED will flash a set number of times to indicate the possible cause of the problem. So it is possible that this is what you are seeing. I do not see anything about being in permanent standby mode. Give us some more information about what exactly is going on with your TV. Also verify that your TV is a Sony KDF-E60A20


A 6 blink error code indicates a problem with the +5V power on the G board in the TV.

You would have to open the TV and inspect the G board for any component damage or get a replacement board. The service manual linked above may help you to do this. (It is the same manual for your model - see p.2 of the manual for model numbers).

Be safety aware when working in the back of a TV as there is exposed lethal AC power on the power board. Disconnect the power from the TV before removing the back cover.

If you don’t know how or what to do etc, contact a reputable, professional TV repair service and ask for a quote."

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