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How do I reset the lock code on my iPod?

How do I reset the lock code on my iPod?
My father in law died and I have his iPod. How can I have it put in my name? I don't have any of his passwords.


If you sync the iPod to iTunes, you can restore the factory settings and apply your own as you wish.
I have iPod touch 8gb, I replaced the lcd, and when I turned it on, it says iPod is diabled connect to Itune, and when I connect to Itune, it says can not connect because iPod has a passcode, first I don't know what the passcode is and the screen won't show anything...any help, I appreciate it,
I think the genius bar needs to reset it
The problem to connect to Itune, once you plug the usb Itune would open, with a message. cannot connect your iPod, it has a passcode, enter your passcode on your iPod first
You can try to follow the steps indicated here:

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