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How do I turn off the front panel LED light?

How do I turn off the front panel LED light?

The LED light on the front panel of the Roku 3 is constantly on, and at night the brightness of the LED can be annoying. Is there a way to turn off this light?


On your Roku remote hit follow the sequence: home button (5x), FF, Play, Rewind, Play, FF - this gets you into a secret menu. Choose adjust LED brightness and you can reduce the white LED light to 0%. :-)

There is a way to do this. After you finish watching your programs from your Roku player just click on the top Home button icon that will take you back to the home page on your Roku. Once there select on your TV remote the source button and select TV or Cable TV, which ever one you have. Once it's back to the TV then turn off your TV. The Roku box will shut off, light and all, between 15 min to an hour. If you do not exit what you are watching on your Roku it will continue playing the programs. That's why the light stays on.

For all of you who have been wondering how to turn off your Roku 3 device well it's true there is no way to turn it off but to unplug it. I have found a way to turn off the light and allow it to go in to "sleep mode". You can pair it as an Anynet+ device on your TV. Then on your Roku settings go to Screensaver and put your time setting to 1 minute. So when you get ready to turn off your TV, press the home button on your Roku remote so it will not continue to stream, then turn off your TV. The LED light on the Roku will turn off automatically within one minute. I hopes this helps everyone. Advance to Roku offer an off switch on your devices. If you add an additional setting to where the consumer can set when they want updates to be installed, they can be sure to have the device on at that time so that the update can begin. This will give your customers a peace of mind with your product.

Thank goodness!! This worked. I love my Roku, but that light was way too bright. I used to put something in front of it so I could sleep. I used the

There is no official way to do this. You'd have to unplug the power source. You can use your TV as a remote but that requires setting up and a SmartSwitch.

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