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How do you remove the CALYPSO style agitator

How do you remove the CALYPSO style agitator

how do you remove the CALYPSO style agitator


"frey8 try this from the service manual:

Removing Components in the Tub

1. Disconnect power from the washing machine.

2. Raise the washer top to the service position.

3. Disconnect the fresh water inlet hose from the tub ring. (Fig. 3-10)

4. Unsnap the tabs that secure the tub ring to the tub. (Fig. 3-10 - INSET) Lift the tub ring from the tub.

5. Using a flat bladed screwdriver, release the three (3) tabs to separate the balance ring from the basket.

6. Using two (2) flat bladed screwdrivers, 90° apart, in the notches provided, separate the dome from the outer wash plate. (Fig. 3-11)

7. Remove the six (6) 3/8” bolts securing the outer wash plate to the universal joint. (Fig. 3-12) Remove the outer wash plate from the basket.

8. Once the outer wash plate is removed, the inner wash plate can be lifted out of the basket. (Fig. 3-12)

9. Lift the leveler assembly from the splines on the spin tube. Reach under and hold the lower hub of leveler while lifting. (Fig. 3-13)

10 Use a spanner wrench and mallet to loosen the spanner nut securing the universal joint assembly to the drive block. (Fig. 3-14)

11. Remove the spanner nut. Once this is done, the universal joint assembly can be lifted from the basket.

12. The basket can now be lifted from the tub.

NOTE: It may be necessary to spread apart one of the drive block sections to loosen the basket from the splines of the spin tube. (Fig. 3-15)

This is of course for all the components. You can stop once you removed the agitator."

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