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How to fix the microphone on headphones?

How to fix the microphone on headphones?

My micro isn't working but both earbuds do.


Hi. This is old - but I am answering as I had a similar issue, except for it being Apple Airpods, not Apple earpods (similar sounding, very different) - both mics weren't working - and solved it fairly easily - and so I would hope someone sees this and tries it first before resorting to opening up their Airpods and breaking them.

I’ve been having trouble making my iPhone headphones mic work, but nothing seems to happens all you can hear is “Bzzzzzzzzzzzz”

I am not sure which Headphone you are using, I would say if you want microphone feature in a headphone then you should consider some good quality stuff that can work for longer. I am using Philips headphones with mic since 4 years and its working well to me. So branded stuff always makes a difference

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