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How to I take apart my Sony ICF-P26 am/fm pocket radio?

How to I take apart my Sony ICF-P26 am/fm pocket radio?
This is a great portable radio but after only 6 months the volume control potentiometer needs a clean. The volume jumps to maximum at some points in its travel. I think I can clean, or replace, the pot once I open the case but can't manage to open this case. I removed the two screws inside the battery compartment hoping that would allow the case to hinge open, but alas - no budge. It must be held by clips that grab on assembly. Any ideas? Here is what it looks like:


"Hi Mike,

I have just opened my Sony FM/AM Radio ICF-P26. First remove the two screws were the batteries go.

Then as gently as you can using a very small flat screw driver beginning from the bottom left side were the Fm/AM/OFF switch is, try gently forcing your way up, there are a few hinges that will pop open. Once you get to the top, just above the tuning dial, repeat on the opposite side, where volume and earphone go.

Good luck! Even though I was doing it as gently as possible, I left some small marks on it, I guess it will be hard not to..."
I had the same problem as Mike, except it seemed to be a dry joint - the volume would jump to maximum when the case was held a certain way (not sure exactly what as I couldn't always make it happen). Resoldered the volume pots contacts - problem fixed.

Same problem, same model…twice. Originally bought via gift certificate, it lasted about a year before starting volume “flutter” as posted above, per Cris Lewis. Contacted Sony and they did replace under warranty. Well, about a year later the same symptom on the second unit! Sony replied with really dumb suggestions…”try changing batteries” or “ walk around the room for better reception”. Well duh. And by the way…no offer to replace. I am guessing this is a particular problem with the ICF_P26? Anyway I pulled off the back to see if I could figure what if anything I could view. At that point with nothing to lose, and I do not know why, decided to spray a very light lithium oil aimed at the volume wheel…a good soak. Guess what?! It worked. Now it has been about a year and volume glitch is back. Did the same “lube job” and radio back as new. I have no idea why but what a nice cheap fix…hopefully till next year. Try it. And by the way, my back up radio is a Sony model ICF-S10MK2. Old and beat up but nary a problem!

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