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How to Install the Door Switch Assembly

How to Install the Door Switch Assembly

There was an error code with the washing machine and it was not allowing me to open the door. So i decided to open it with force and sure enough part of the door switch assembly broke, not the strike. Now my question is how do you take out the old door switch assembly and install the new one??


"xxam93xx, download the service manual from here. Page 4-3 shows you how. If you are more of a visual person, check on here and here as well. Hope this helps, good luck.


Just in case the link to the manual should become disabled, here is what the manual says:


The washer door can be removed by removing the upper left shield cover and hinge cover. Open the door and remove three screws securing the door hinge to the washer front and lifting upward.Access to the door switch requires that the water seal boot be removed from the front of the washer.Use a flat bladed screwdriver at the location of the retainer spring and pull the retainer forward and then off the perimeter of the boot.Ease the edge of the boot off of the lip of the washer front near the door switch.Remove enough of the boot to gain access to the door switch behind the washer front panel.The door switch is secured to the washer front panel with three screws. Once these screws are removed, the door switch will remain in place until it is lifted slightly and pulled back from the washer front panel."" This way the answer will not become useless as ""great many of""my""answers are useless without usable links to the material"" I "" provide"" Hope this helps."

Make sure to use caution when doing this. Here is an article explaining some dangers of washer lid safety switch repair.

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