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How to open the back of Trackr Pixel

How to open the back of Trackr Pixel

I have arthritic hands and the YouTube video (https://youtu.be/eNQNNUCk6GA) they have to open shows you to open it between your palms. I've talked their support staff and they insist that is the way to open it. I asked if their was a tool to open it and they told me no. I even had my next door neighbor who is much younger and stronger couldn't open it. I was wondering if anyone knows another way to open it to get to the battery?


I had to hold the TrackR at the edge of a table with a pair of needle nose pliers and then use the rubber end of a hammer to push down and twist before it finally opened.

I had the same problem. I just couldn't get a good grip using my palms. I decided to take a 2 small pieces of electrical tape and i place one on each side of the trackr, Then I used the palm method in the video but you don't have to apply as much pressure. The electrical tape give you enough grip and it just twisted off. After leaving the battery out of the trackr for about 5 minutes and put the back on and the trackr was reset so that you could connect it to your phone. Good Luck

Didn't work for me,

Thanks for your help.

Didn't work for me either. I couldn't budge the back using any technique with my palms.

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