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I'm losing sound in left ear piece

I'm losing sound in left ear piece

I got my ear buds over a year ago (Jan. 09) and just the other day, the sound in the left ear-piece would be full power, but then flutter and get quieter, then back to normal again. I don't know if it is a wire problem or the ear piece's speaker. I know it is not the audio jack.


play around with wires, clean the tip from oxyidation, then if that dont work, buy a new one. I had the same problem; i cleaned the tip connector and tugged the wires a bit. It fixed it.

I also have a problem with the earbuds because no matter what pair i have in, they always play on the back speaker not the front and this annoys me alot because i know the ear plugs are working fine on a friends phone but not on mine help please.

I have the same problem (the original question) except mine is the opposite ear, the right side. My daughter (9) used them a lot for my old iPhone 6 and when the issue started, I believe it was in the volume control on the headphones. I only played around with it once, I’d move the cord a certain way and it seemed louder, I think... It’s been a while since I did it. We’ve all had so many pairs of headphones and this is a common problem so I might be remembering another pair. It very well could be in the headphone itself and not the volume. If it was in the volume button, where the cord attaches on either her end, how can I fix this?

I have the same issue with my EarPods… I tried removing the earwax from the sound holes following steps I watched on YouTube nd somehow water got inside, the problem (distorted sound)I was trying to fix got worse so I went ahead to open it. When I opened it I couldn’t understand it’s workings so I just closed it back and luckily for me the sound was restored but after a while it got bad again. The problem is from the speaker it self after opening it it’s almost impossible for your EarPods to be the same. I’m crying.

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