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I replaced a cap on my monitor, but it's still not working

I replaced a cap on my monitor, but it's still not working Months ago my MSI Optix g24c monitor started making these lines at the bottom when I woke it from sleep mode and it would slowly warm up and go away, a couple days ago I moved my monitor off my table to put a new mouse pad on and when plugging it in I noticed there was no display, when fiddling with the cords to see if I plugged them in all the way I noticed that it would turn on if I shook the display a bit/wiggled the power cord a certain way but now it rapidly flashed brighter as well as the horizontal lines at the bottom that went away after a while, this continued to happen every time I powered on the display for the next couple days until the monitor died. Nothing is displayed but the power LED still works and when looking in Windows settings on my second monitor it is still detected. After some Google searching I came to the conclusion that there was a capacitor dead on the power supply so I opened it up and I found a bulging capacitor, so I went ahead and ordered a spare capacitor for that one and all the others on the board except one (it was covered in white goop so I couldn't tell what type it was) because I read a post saying that if one capacitor is dead others might be too. I unsoldered the bulging cap and replaced it with a new one making sure to check the polarities, after attempting to turn it on nothing changed and the monitor did not turn on but the LED still worked, I then took all the capacitors off except for the really big one and the one cap that was covered with goop and replaced them but that did not change anything.

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