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ICF-C1 Clock runs fast

ICF-C1 Clock runs fast
Hi everyone - my ICF-C1 clock radio runs fast, gaining about 1 minute and 20 seconds every month. I cannot locate a schematic for this clock radio, so I am unsure if I can modify an RC/crystal circuit to adjust the timing or whether this uses the 60hz mains frequency as a reference. Has anyone had any luck in locating a schematic diagram or in replacing a resistor or capacitor to have more accurate time? Technician with 30 years experience here, just looking for a diagram or helpful advice.


"Hi @ricketts223 ,

Don’t know if this is helpful, but here’s a link to the service manual that whilst in itself is not helpful, there are links at the bottom of the page to the service manuals for other ICF C1xx models.

A quick glance through a few of them, shows no mention of a crystal oscillator module in the parts list, so it may be that the mains frequency is used for the time reference. Hopefully yours is the same

Note: You can view the manuals online but you need to select the next page at the bottom of the page to move through the manual. To download you have you sign up to the website."

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